Large Animal Services

We offer a wide range of large animal services. We have Equine and Bovine areas in our clinic and also perform farm visits.

Beef Herd Health


We offer a full range of beef herd health services. They include pregnancy testing (including using ultrasound), bull semen testing, disease investigation, vaccination protocols, mineral/nutrient advice, laboratory services and postmortem examinations. We also offer various surgical services including removing diseased eyes, caesarians, castrations and rumen fistulas. We can perform farm visits or receiverecieve animals into our dedicated bovine in clinic area. A separate isolation room is perfect for treating scouring calves.

Equine Health


Our new purpose built equine unit includes 2 stalls – one is an oversized stall for surgeries such as cryptorchid castrations and the other is a loose box stall for hospitalizing sick patients. Brand new stocks completes the in clinic facilities.